Heinola is situated in the Finland’s north among rivers and highlands, surrounded by forests and creates one real jewel at the entry to the country lakes region. This town is living its prosperity more than 200 years since its founding. The residents’ number increased here especially after WW II and today counts for more than 20 000.

In the first half of the 20th century Heinola had only one larger industrial producer – Paperboard factory established in 1930. Today it is a healthy industrial town with more than 1000 enterprises of varied size and purpose – from control systems producer to manufacturer of machines for bottles return. The industries concentrated mainly on business with wood and environmental technologies. Heinola carpentry gained the nation-wide reputation as its products can be found in the Finnish President’s residence or Finnish Bank. Other noteworthy employers come from the health services; the rheumatism illnesses, care for children rheumatoid arthritis and orthopaedics are areas of interest in the Rheumatism Foundation established in Heinola Hospital in 1951.

Heinola offers to its residents varied services and makes effort not to burden them with high taxes. Accommodation in natural environment, services for families with children and education opportunities are tailor made for the residents. Growing generations have excellent choice in education: music school, school of visual arts or polytechnic school as well as study of varied trades or sports. Mainly in summer, students from the whole Finland meet here – Heinola specialises in „school in nature“  and it also offers excursions oriented on recycling technologies. Children really can put into life many of their interests.

The visitors can satisfied their interests to their heart contentment if they came here for snow, hiking of fishing. The nature is here only few steps away and maps and guides are here on hand’s reach. There is more than 200 km hiking paths and more than 40 km of them is lit. It is also possible to visit huts, log cabins, places with barbecue and alike. Heinola offers excellent conditions for skiing and outstanding possibilities for fishing – the Fisherman’s Eden is one of the newest Finnish fishing areas, 4 km long and with around 200 ha of fishing grounds. The visitors’ port is the starting point of the 500 km long route on the beautiful southern Finland lakes. There is another possibility to visit Heinola Yacht Club situated in Vasikkasaari or the houses in Heinäsaari – place where the town folks meet or the modernised camp that is living its prime. You can visit a versatile sports centre The Finnish Sports Institute if you feel like training. If you wan to admire the nature, it is not necessary to go deeply into the woods as in this town of parks natural environment lays directly behind the residential houses. If you look for adventure, you only need to visit the action camps Highlight or Q-link. They offer possibilities to live wilderness of new kind. The hottest event in town is, without any doubt, the World Sauna Championship when only the most resilient meet. Heinola is also one of the most popular places for summer vacation. When the spring sun melts snow the first from 3000 visitors come here to the camps...

The cultural events in this town can be small or big, it only depends on the individuals and their interests. The past and present meet here in culture and arts creating unique blend. Wooden houses some older than 200 years create atmosphere in the downtown parks. It also is possible to stop in a museum or a gallery where public reading from various literatures works take place. For example, Finnish poet Uuno Kailas who lived in Heinola is still popular. Slogan that was representing his generation was: „Open the doors to Europe! “

The Heinola cultural life windows are open today in streets, parks or at solemn events as they were in everyday life.